Exotic Watermelon

Thick, juicy and sweet. This Vulvapop is exotic like the endless beaches of cape town.

Color: Green.

High-Quality Isomalt sugar, plant-based flavour.

Sustainable production.

Skin-safe moulding.

You will find inside every Kit the following items:

- The instructions and recommendations of use (available in 4 languages)

- Mirror

- Mould Support

- 90g of Silicone in two components (yellow and blue)

- 2 wooden spatulas

- 60g of Isomalt Sugar / 80 g of high quality Chocolate

- 2ml of plant-based Flavour (Colored with spirulina and safflower)

- 1 wooden lollipop stick

- A tie and transparent bag.


- You will also need a heat source, a little cooking pot, water, coconut oil/lubricant and scissors