Forest Fruit

Welcome to the jungle! Find yourself with the tasty treasures of mother nature. Lick it. Taste it. Can you name them all?


Color: Purple.
High-Quality Isomalt sugar, plant-based flavour.

Sustainable production.

Skin-safe moulding.

When do I get my Kit?

You will et your DIY KIT within a week shipping to Europe and two weeks outside of Europe. 

Shipping prices:

As we are launching a limited edition, we can't get better shipping prices. Therefore, we recommend you to do collective orders: if your friends also want a kit, you can order together and divide the shipping costs!

Where do you Deliver? 

We deliver the kit everywhere except for the United States and Canda. We would love to deliver there too, though for the limited edition we can't afford the insurance. If you are from one of those countries and really want a kit, please contact us at, this will help for the next edition!