This happened in the early stages of the project. Three women did Vulvapop. Comfortably gathered in one room, we took turns and supported each other during the process.  While doing the kit, we experienced something truly amazing. 


While we were mixing the silicone, we talked a lot. About things like masturbation and sexual pleasure. It just came naturally. Also, it brought the process to life. I was the second one to apply the silicone. 


“Although I feel confident being naked in front of others, people usually don’t focus on the genitals so much. Doing the mold was strange and beautiful at the same time.” 


The silicone had about room temperature as I pressed it on my vulva, it felt like being underwater. A few moments later, I held my own vulva in my hands.   

Soon we would eventually have three different lollipops of three different women in front of us. We compared, discussed and discovered. Personally, I learned how unique my own vulva is. And how unique other vulvas are. Every vulva looked beautiful in its way.


It opened a safe space, a bonding experience.


A room to feel comfortable and strong. It wasn’t about forming a replicate of our genitalia. It was about owning our bodies.  


After holding the creation, seeing it from different angles, we went down to tougher experiences. All of a sudden we found each other talking about our sufferings through harmful behavior of others. Neither of us saw that coming. Today, I feel closer to these women. And to myself. 

A story of greater connection. 

In 2015 I got a gift from a friend of my university of arts in Barcelona a lollipop with the shape of her vulva. The vulva is something so hidden and unspoken.

I loved to see the details in such a tasty way and to see how different mine form hers was. I loved to get such an intimate present. I found it funny, intelligent and brave.

“Now we can grab our genitals as men do.”

When someone gives as a gift something with joy and creativity, who enjoys the gift is who gives it more than who receives it. But if the one who receives it finds the gift so amazing that makes a project out of it, then you have to get to know what is that project:

Vulvapop was born.

Together we thought about doing a Do-It-Yourself Kit.


We said: ”Wouldn’t be nice to let people get such a cool gift and make such a nice experience as we had?”

It started as a gift, went on to an artistic project and has gotten bigger ever since. We started experimental sessions with other people using our the first Vulvapop prototypes.


It became more and more about being fearless, joyful and authentic; about empowerment, about taking risks, about getting rid of shame, about shutting up narrow minded standard by the strength of our laughter. 

The beginning of Vulvapop.

It started with humor.

Hi, I'm Blanca Barbat, founder of Vulvapop! This is the story of how it all started:

Why not Vaginapop?

How do you name what is between your legs? You can call it pussy, butterfly, strawberry or anything else. That is fine. Only one thing is quite confusing: A lot of people call it vagina, which is reserved for another part of our body. Most of the time we are referring to what is called ‘vulva’. 

Until today many of us use the word 'vagina' instead.  
In medical terms, the vulva consists of the external sex organs. This includes the inner and outer labia, the clitoris, the urethra and the entrance of the vagina. 
The vagina is deeper inside the body, it is the connection between the vulva and the cervix. 


What we are trying to say is, give it names, if you want it. Just know, which part of your body you’re really referring to.  So with the DIY-Kit, you create a mold of your vulva, not your vagina, that’s why we call it Vulvapop.

Who are vulva-owners? 

Everyone who identifies with having a vulva. That means everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or natal sex.  

Why vulva-owners? 

This is about consciously owning your body. We want you to decide what feels good or bad about yourself.